Hardware Sales & Support

A computer lab in a school or Education Centre.

At DS Computer Services, we supply our clients with the appropriate computer hardware for their business. Whether it is major brand servers, desktops, software, or custom-built computers, we can provide you with the correct hardware and networking equipment depending on your office and business requirements.

We deal in all computer hardware, network cables, security cameras, server racks, patch panels, telephone patch panel BIX, network switches, internet routers, wireless routers, network servers, data backups, UPS power backup, plus all computer workstations, LCD monitors, printers, network switches, and wireless access points, as well as custom-built desktops. Our extensive range of quality products ensures that your business stays well-equipped with reliable and cutting-edge technology.

  • Security cameras & peripherals
  • NVR network video recorders
  • Data and phone cables
  • Servers (all major brands)
  • Custom-built servers
  • Printers (all major brands)
  • Networking and printer cables
  • All networking equipment
  • Switches & patch panels
  • All computer peripherals
  • Data backup drives
  • External hard drive backups
  • UPS backup power systems
  • Internet VPN routers
  • Internet firewalls
  • Wireless routers/access points/antennas