Protection from Virus/Spyware, Threat Removal

Keeping your Computers, Email, and Networks safe from Virus & Spyware

In these modern times Virus infections and Cyber Security Threats have become so prevalent that almost all residential Computers, Cell Phones, and Businesses regardless of their size or Industry have been affected by this scary problem in some way.  With the amount of Viruses Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks that are out there circulating on the Internet including Backdoor Trojans, DoS Denial-of-service attacks, Hijacking, Spoofing, and Phishing in Email you really need to be totally aware of what’s happening, and your IT Support people have to be on their toes at all times to stay on top of it all and keep you properly protected.

At “DS Computer Services” we start protecting your Network and Computers at the Hardware Level and work our way up from there.  We install a decent higher-end Internet Router/Firewall as the 1st level of protection against any Hackers trying to penetrate your Network and Computers.   At larger Companies or if you can afford it you can also use Intrusion Detection Systems, Web Security Gateways, Email Security Gateways, Web Application Firewalls, and Advanced Threat Protection Systems.

Our 2nd level of defense against Virus and Cybersecurity threats is to use strong Antivirus Protection Software on all Servers/Computers make sure it is Monitored frequently and Virus Definitions kept up to date to protect against the newest threats. We also make sure the Network Security is setup properly at the Server Level with proper User Login Authentication, User Permissions, File Permissions, and strong Password Security that way if a Hacker does get through they don’t automatically have access to your whole Network and all critical information.

Our 3rd level of defense is to make sure we use strong Wireless Security on all Wireless Routers and Access Points because it is very common that Hackers will try hack your Cell Phone if you’re using the Wi-Fi and then try to penetrate the Company Network. On smaller Business Networks we always make sure the Wireless Security is setup and usually use a decent Antivirus Protection Program. On larger Business Networks we most often will us a Central Antivirus Server with a Antivirus Client installed on the Computers. That way the AV Server can push all the AV Definition Updates to the Computers and Monitor all the Computers for any threats.

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