Network Installations & Support

A Network Server Rack with Network Switches and patch cables.

Network Design

“DS Computer Services” offers comprehensive strategic planning and Designing of the entire Network Infrastructure from the ground floor up. We implement everything from installing all Data & Voice Cabling, Security Cameras.  This includes all Server Room Networking Equipment: Switches, Routers, Network Servers, UPS Power Backups, and Onsite & Cloud Data Backups.  Office Workstations, Printers, Scanners.  Network/Internet Security & Antivirus Protection, VPN Virtual Private Networks and Remote Access we can take care of it all.

Network Infrastructure Design
Data & Phone Cable Installation
Security Camera Implementation
Patch Panel & Server Room Setup
Switch & UPS Backup
Internet Router/Firewall Setup
Wired Network Design & Setup
Wireless Network Design & Setup
Server Design & Setup
Workstation Design & Setup
Network File Sharing & Printing
Data Backup Setup
Security Setup
VPN Integration and Setup
Remote Access Setup
Network & Systems Monitoring
Ongoing Network Support

Remote Access & Support

A picture of the global world wide web.

Remote Access

  • In modern times, broadband high-speed Internet access has become widely available to everyone at a reasonable price. The quality of high-speed Cable and DSL Internet Packages has significantly improved, offering higher bandwidth, more stability, and faster speeds. This not only enhances our overall internet browsing experience but also enables us to work more efficiently and securely from remote locations.

Virtual Private Network

  • One technology that facilitates secure remote access connections is VPN, which stands for “Virtual Private Network.” By using VPN, individuals and employees can establish secure connections and work from anywhere at any time. Whether it’s from the comfort of their homes, a hotel, or a remote branch office in another city or country, the VPN ensures a safe and encrypted connection for seamless remote work.

Terminal Servers

For larger companies, employing a Microsoft Terminal Server with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) through a VPN can be highly beneficial. This setup allows hundreds of employees from various locations to log into a central server located in the head office. Each user is assigned their own separate user profile on the terminal server, which grants them access to company software applications and all network files and printers in the main office.Overall, the advancements in broadband internet technology and the utilization of VPNs and terminal servers have revolutionized the way we work remotely. These solutions provide flexibility, security, and efficiency for individuals and organizations to collaborate effectively from anywhere in the world.

Internet/VPN Routers
Network/Internet Firewalls
Network & Internet Security
LAN Local Area Network
WAN Wide Area Network
VPN Virtual Private Network
Tunneling Protocols
Private Company Networks
Multiple Branch Office Connections
Remote Access Deployment
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
Secure Remote Access Support
Software Based VPN
Hardware Based VPN
MS Terminal Servers
RDP-VPN-Terminal Services
Virtual Office

Hardware Sales & Support

A computer lab in a school or Education Centre.

Computer Products

At “DS Computer Services” We supply our Clients with the appropriate Computer Hardware for their Business. Whether it is Major Brand Servers, Desktops, Software, or Custom Built Computers we can provide you with the correct Hardware, and Networking equipment depending on your Office and Business requirements.

We deal in all Computer Hardware. Network Cables, Security Cameras, Server Racks, Patch Panels, Telephone Bix Box, Network Switches, Internet Routers, Wireless Routers, Network Servers, Data Backups, UPS Power Backup, plus all Computer Workstations, LCD Monitors, Printers, Network Switches and Wireless Access Points.

  • Desktops all Major Brands
  • Custom Built Desktops
  • Security Cameras & Peripherals
  • NVR Network Video Recorders
  • Data and Phone Cables
  • Servers all Major Brands
  • Custom Built Servers
  • Printers all Major Brands
  • Networking and Printer Cables
  • All Networking Equipment
  • Network Switches & Patch Panels
  • All Computer Peripherals
  • Dat Backup Drives
  • External Hard Drive Backups
  • UPS Backup Power Systems
  • Internet VPN Routers
  • Network/Internet Firewalls
  • Wireless Router/Access Point/Antennas

Software Sales & Support

A computer salesman wearing a red tie holding a Laptop.

Major Brand Software

At “DS Computer Services” we supply our existing Clients with all “Major Brand Software” Solutions for their Business. We can provide you with the correct Software Packages depending on your Office Industry and Business requirements.

We currently deal with all Major Brand Software Packages including all “Microsoft Products” including Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suites, Small Business Accounting Systems, Sage 50 Accounting & QuickBooks, Adobe Suite Applications, Engineering Applications Solidworks & AutoCAD, Graphic Design Software, APC Backup, Software Based VPN Client Software plus all Network/Internet Security & Antivirus Application Suites.

As your “Computer Service Department” We can source the appropriate Software Solutions, install and configure and then provide ongoing Support for any Software Programs including the Monitoring of all Software Licenses, Updates, and Upgrades.

  • Software all Major Brands
  • Custom Built Software
  • Microsoft Software
  • MS Windows Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Office Suites
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Sage 50 Accounting Software
  • Quickbooks Accounting Software
  • FTP File Transfer Software
  • Adobe Suite Applications
  • Engineering Applications
  • Solidworks & AutoCAD,
  • Graphic Design Software
  • APC Server Backup
  • VPN Client Software
  • Network/Internet Security Software
  • Antivirus Protection Software
  • Software Licensing
  • Wireless Access Points/Antennas