Ensuring our Critical Data is safe

Data Backup & Data recovery

Global Concerns: Ensuring Data Security in Current Events

Considering the state of current events in the world today, the security of our data files, including all personal information and business information, has become more critical than ever. We need to closely guard and protect our critical data and make sure it is backed up properly, kept in a safe secure location, and preserved in case of theft or any other catastrophic disaster.

Scheduled Backups: Reliable Data Protection

At “DS Computer Services,” we have always taken great pride in making sure that our clients’ data is backed up regularly, properly on a daily basis, and kept in a safe location off-site. We usually implement between 2-3 different data backup solutions in case one backup fails. Using that method, we always have a 2nd backup to restore your data from to ensure your company’s critical data files are always there in case of any hardware failure, theft, fire, or any other natural disasters.

Flexible Backup Solutions: Tailored to Your Needs

We can implement any type of data backup solutions with backup software applications, or even a simple backup script to any backup media. Whether it is a simple flash drive/memory stick, external hard drives, internal or external hardware backup using DAT drives, or cloud backup, we ensure the solution meets your unique needs.

Off-Site Cloud Backup: A Crucial Layer of Security

To provide an added layer of security, we highly recommend including off-site cloud backup to a safe data centre located in Canada. This ensures that your data is backed up and kept in a secure off-site location in the event of any unforeseen earthquake, flood, or any other natural disaster.

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